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Land O Flakes | Mens Tee


Why do we live in a society plagued with people that flake on everything?
You make plans with someone, you set up a meeting with someone, or you simply are trying to help someone out... certain people always find a way out.
Something "came up", they got "busy" , are not "felling good", or it "slipped their mind"

In actuality these people put everything on a scale of "what's cooler" and/or "what's in it for them."

How many times has this happened to you? These people make plans and if something "cooler" comes up for them to go to, they cancel. They set up a meeting and think someone else may benefit them more, they cancel.

Instead of being a person of their word... they cancel for their self benefit.

We live in a Land Of Flakes.


  • Soft Premium Tshirt
  • Fitted
  • Side-seamed  
  • Unisex Sizing