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Toxic Surfers Club | Mens Tee


Do you notice how awful the toxicity online has become?
Go on any website that has the ability to leave comments and you will see the sludge that is left in the comment section. It seems that no one has anything good to say anymore.

There are so many people out there just filled with vile negativity and think it's their civic duty to inject their negative opinions everywhere they go.
These are low lives that are completely miserable and love to ruin someone else's day and happiness. They live for the online fights and the drama caused by it. They have no accountability and don't care how they may be hurting someone mentally...sometimes driving these people into deep depressions that have driven some to end their own life. 

Social media is the easiest way to see their pathetic patterns.
You will see these people go from one page to the next and to the next all day long finding things that "outrage them" or jump into other comments to read something that "outrages" them.
They are so full of negativity and anger, yet they seem to have an easy enough life... to sit around and surf the net all day and leave toxic comments. 


Must be nice.

Tell them this next time... the next time you want to take your fingers through another grueling workout... keep your negative thoughts to yourself, take your board, and surf your ass off elsewhere. No one needs your opinion, the world doesn't need it right now. Move on and keep scrolling.

We call it the Toxic Surfers Club. If you're on social media, you've probably encountered someone that's a part of this club.

  • Super Soft Premium Shirt
  • Fitted
  • Side-seamed  
  • Unisex