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Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Los Angeles, .... These are the places so many want to be... The place where dreams are made and dreams are crushed. Everyone comes to the these places with good intentions, filled with hope, happiness, and motivation.

They arrive and people see the glitz and glam, bright lights, the parties, events, and  want to be a part of it and be seen by the scene with the "cool" people. They want the spotlight as well. The dreams and aspirations disappear and the focus has shifted to find the fastest way to "stardom" by any means necessary. Not putting into consideration the work, sacrifices, dedication, and talent it takes to become successful, now their mission statement in life is... "I want to be famous!"

Time to keep up with the Joneses and buy things to have the appearance of being "cool" or the facade of being successful. All this is done JUST to fit in and not feel left out or be admired by complete strangers for having material things, when in reality most are living beyond their means to portray this lifestyle. We ALL know someone like this.

People lose themselves, their morals, integrity, loyalty, forget who they truly are, why they are here, and forget the meaning of family & friendship. They get lost. Lost in shuffle, lost in the game, and lost in life. When the club closes, party is over, everyone has gone home... there they are.. alone... left with their own thoughts, a voice in their head echoing "what am I doing with myself?", and trying to remember who they once were. 

As this happens time and time again... they finally wake up and snap out of it... by that time the damage is done and life has passed them by. The invites to the events, clubs, and parties stop coming, their new "friends" have moved on to new people they can manipulate. They have lost all their true friends, lost their family, and all great opportunities have passed them by. All that is left is regret, out of date material objects, and thoughts of what could have been. They realize all of it was just a mirage and all the words fed to them were the same ones recited to thousands of others before. 

This isn't just in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Los Angeles... it's in every industry and can be found every city. 

You can follow your dreams, you can be successful, and you can do all things without losing who you are,losing your integrity, and trying step on people to get ahead. Just remember, make your decisions wisely... It all comes back around. Don't lose your integrity, don't lose your morals, and most importantly don't lose yourself. Just stay true to yourself and everything will follow.

This muscle tank is your reminder.

This Is More Than A Brand. This Is A Lifestyle.

THIS is Beverly Kills.


  • Super Soft Premium Muscle Tank
  • Semi Relaxed Fit
  • Side-seamed