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Beware Who You Trust | Mens Tee


  Why is it so hard to find a friend these days? A REAL friend. You know...A dependable, reliable, honest, and trustworthy FRIEND!  It seems that today there are too many people that like to throw the word "Friend" around and forget all the qualities associated with being a true friend.  

  A big opportunity, a glimmer of possible "fame", a path to climb the social ladder, or the possibility to make more money comes in the picture... you will see someone's TRUE self come out and will seize the opportunity by any means necessary. All friendship qualities and morals go right out the window. 

  There are too many 2 faced people out there that make you ask yourself "Is this really my friend?" They are the ones always trying to talk about how this person or that person is a fake/bad friend. To also watch out for this and that,in reality, they are talking about themselves. These type of people are waiting for you to turn around, stab you in the back and then have the audacity to ask...why you are bleeding? You've met this person before right?

  Sometimes it's even people closer to you than someone you call a "friend", that's what makes it even scarier. You never truly know who someone REALLY is until certain circumstances surface.

Beware Who You Put Your Trust In, they are not always who they appear to be!

  • Super Soft Premium Shirt
  • Fitted Shirt
  • Side-seamed  
  • Unisex