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Game Over Mens Tee

$ 35.00

 *** Limited Edition ***


Hollywood CA, where aspiring hopefuls come with dreams of success and fame.
They were lured in by the facade of the glitz and glam with visions of streets paved in gold... then turns out to be the boulevard of broken dreams.
They walk the streets with starry eyes like a sheep and are oblivious to the wolves lurking in the dark.

The wolves smell fear, they smell insecurity, and thrive on this. They target them, groom them, and promise endless fame and fortune... as long as you do what they want and when they want.
The abuse and exploitation has existed and been covered up since the inception of Hollywood.

Now the tip of the iceberg has been exposed, it is just the beginning... slowly but surely the entire house of cards will crumble and burn.
Too many people have been victimized and too many people have been protected.

These pacts of Stay Quite and Get Famous are ending... GAME OVER.


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