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Owl | Zip Up | Hoodie

$ 40.00

The owl is a unique creature that is perceived in many ways by various cultures and engulfed in mysticism.
Some say it senses evil and others say it personifies evil. Maybe a reason the owl is surrounded in mystery is because people fear the dark and the owl owns the night.

To some, the owl is a symbol of being able to navigate any darkness in our life.
It represents wisdom, death and renewal, and gatekeepers to the souls of the dead.

To the others, the owl is an all seeing creature with wide eyes and a head that can rotate up to 260 degrees for an extreme range of sight. It is a master hunter that hides in the darkness, avoids the light, and operates in silence.

Your perception is your reality.
What you focus on and relate to is likely the path you will walk.

Choose your path wisely.


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