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What Is Beverly Kills ?

Beverly Kills is a brand inspired by a side of society most choose not to see- how in pursuit of success and/or fame, people can change, get lost, lose their morals, forget their integrity, and turn into someone else.

These shirts show how people get caught up in the lifestyle of glitz and glam, parties, events, and greed. Their dreams and aspirations disappear, and their focus shifts to finding the fastest way to "stardom" or what they call success, by any means necessary... Even if it means turning on the people that care about them the most. Hollywood has created the "I want to be famous RIGHT NOW!” mentality- forgetting the hard work, sacrifices, and dedication it takes to become successful.

This isn't just found in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Los Angeles... it's in every industry and can be found in every city. Outside the entertainment world, you still find plenty of people willing to stab a friend in the back to get one inch forward.

You can follow your dreams, you can be successful, and you can do all things without losing who you are, and trying to step on people to get ahead. Just remember, make your decisions wisely... It all comes back around. Don't lose your integrity, don't lose your morals, and most importantly don't lose yourself.